Flawed and Fearless


Whether you're an entrepreneur, a student, or someone navigating life's setbacks, this book offers a roadmap for turning failure into an unstoppable force for growth.

Flawed and Fearless

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The Counseling Primer, Second edition

A Counseling Skills Primer

Nina Spadaro, Ed.D., Tiffany Rush-Wilson, Ph.D., and Rives Thornton, M.S.

Nina Spadaro, Ed.D., Tiffany Rush-Wilson, Ph.D., and Rives Thornton, M.S. bring counseling skills to life in this multi-media e-book. The inclusion of innovative video demonstrations, acted out by the authors, provides an invaluable supplement to the engaging, highly readable text and is a bonus for students who learn best by observing. This seamless integration makes the book a user-friendly tool for both the beginning counseling student and the experienced professional alike.

The authors outline microskills – verbal and nonverbal techniques that are counseling building blocks. They also introduce and name mesoskills, the distinct stages and tasks of therapeutic relationships that practitioners achieve through the use of microskill combinations. This book is essential for all who aspire to be effective helping professionals, no matter what their theoretical orientation.

The chapter on optimizing telehealth sessions brings therapeutic professionals securely and thoughtfully into the world of 21st century technology while maintaining a deeply human connection.

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