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Grow Your Business with Social Media

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Dr. David L. Johnson

My desire is for you to Grow Your Business with Social-Media, so I wrote this book to provide A Guide for Business Leaders and Executives to Gain the Winning Edge. This book will introduce business leaders and executives to the concept of social media networks. They can use these networks to address the fundamentals of social media in the current business market. Regardless of the size of the business, social media continues to be the best resource for creating brand and service awareness. Business leaders and executives can develop a comprehensive social media strategy to expand their business visibility, build relationships with their prospects, and establish communication with current clients. To enjoy these benefits, you must master the fundamentals of social media marketing discussed throughout this book. The things people say and share about brands and services on social media can substantially affect a business’s performance. In the current competitive corporate world, social media is the new normal. Some of the most successful executives rely on social media for gaining new perspectives, learning about industry opinions, connecting with a more diverse audience, and making informed decisions. In this book, I demonstrate methods to Grow Your Business with Social-Media and provide A Guide for Business Leaders and Executives to Gain the Winning Edge.

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