Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Dr. Stephen Hobbs invites Shapers and Movers to make a movement using extraordinary employee and customer experiences. He shares his Wholistic Organization of Work (WOW) tools and techniques for you to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase sales. Stephen is a masterful experience-based educator, phenomenal thought-note speaker, author of 12 books, and a philanthropist for children and trees.

Shapers and Movers are intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, influencers and social innovators seeking answers to questions that lead them to organize shift inside their organizations and because of their organizations with other organizations, communities, and the world.

Shapers and Movers value the truth of this statement: “When you listen you learn when you share you educate,”; they act upon it with ease, grace, and elegance. Shapers and Movers appreciate the importance of ‘movement’ personally and professionally, and particularly when they encourage, engage, and energize movement among those they serve.

In their service, Shapers and Movers design and deliver extraordinary experiences—the kind of experiences that move persons along the good, great, memorable, remarkable, extraordinary continuum of living life from their legacy.

“It has been easy to like and respect Stephen Hobbs. Although we are physically separated by an ocean and a continent, we quickly got onto the same wavelength. Stephen knew before I did where I wanted to go, but he also knew that I had to say it myself. With some gentle guidance from Stephen, eventually I said it, and that has made all the difference. Now we can work together to create a global movement. I highly recommend Stephen to anyone who wants to fully express their gifts for the world. Our journey together has just begun.”

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